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Heavy Pro Verge Mower (Parts)

We provide a large range of spares to fit our variety of products. Most general parts can be purchased online, for any additional parts please call the office with the part number. Parts will be sent out within 1-2 working days, unless on backorder.  All spares are sent tracked through TNT.


All our spares will be sent in recycled cardboard boxes, as we are trying to do our bit for the environment!




Please note: we do not take orders on the website for Europe, The Channel Islands, Isle of Man or Ireland. If you wish to place an order to one of these locations, please give us a call on +44 (0)1228 712121 to discuss shipping options
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Offering all the benefits of a flail mower but with added versatility due their hydraulic system allowing the machine to be offset beyond the tractor and also to tilt vertical and downwards. This means grass verges, hedge sides and ditches can all be cut with ease but at the same time still being able to mow a field. This mower is perfectly suited to farm and contract work due to it’s high build quality. Using feedback from farmers and contractors we have created the perfect addition to your farm or contracting outfit. Fully HSE compliant with various safety features makes this a popular machine.

Drawing No.N&MTypeQuantity
1Mower housing shell1
2Mower cutting Shaft1
3Hammer blade32
4Prevailing torque type hexagon nut with non-metallic insertM1632
5Hexagon boltM16×9032
7Cutting shaft bearing block A1
8Cutting shaft bearing block B1
9Roller bearing block A1
10Roller bearing block B1
11Bottom slide plate A1
12Bottom slide plate B1
13Roller fender apron1
14Gearbox bed plate1
16Driven pulley1
17Housing shell block1
18Belt cover upper1
19Belt cover under1
20Heating panel1
21Vertical turnover body1
22Vertical swing arm A1
23Vertical swing arm B1
24Vertical displacement cylinder1
25Horizontal swing arm A1
26Horizontal swing arm B1
27Horizontal swing body1
28Horizontal displacement cylinder1
29Supporting leg2
30Drawbar beam1
32Shell protection plate1
33Compact washer1
34Protect slice rotate shaft1
35Protect slice2
36Hitch pin A2
37Hitch pin B2
38Towing beam fixed pin1
39Towing beam limit pin1
40Horizontal move limit pin2
41Horizontal swing fixed pin4
42Horizontal move cylinder pin2
43Vertical rotate fixed pin A2
44Vertical rotate fixed pin B1
45Vertical rotate fixed pin C1
46Vertical swing arm gasket2
47BeltBX 1050 Li4
48Protect slice A20
49Protect slice B4
50Protect slice C4
51Hexagon lock nutM42x31
53Bearing3308 A2
55Hole Circlip A902
56Bearing3307 A2
58Hole Circlip A802
59Dry Bearing 8080X85X552
60Dry Bearing 4040X45X508
61Dry Bearing 3030X34X304
62Power lock 401
63Power lock 401
64Hexagon socket head cap screwM6X2514
65Power lock 331
66Power lock 331
67Manual tube1
68Pipe clamp161
69Safety lock1
70PTO cover1
71PTO protect sleeve1
72Prevailing torque type hexagon nut with non-metallic insertM36x24
73Flat washer C36×54
74Standard spring washer614
75Prevailing torque type hexagon nut with non-metallic insertM24x1.53
76D type pin2
77O type spring pinΦ10X504
78R type pinΦ4x753
79Flat washer C241
81Grease fittingM10X112
82Flat washer C1011
83Spring washer105
84Hexagon boltM10X205
85Prevailing torque type hexagon nut with non-metallic insertM102
86Hexagon boltM10X302
87Flat washer C30×42
88Flat washer C1251
89Standard spring washer127
90Hexagon boltM12X252
91Hexagon boltM12X351
93Prevailing torque type hexagon nut with non-metallic insertM1222
94Hexagon boltM12X4022
95Hexagon nutM122
96Hexagon boltM12X702
97Hexagon boltM12X454
98Flat washer C814
99Standard spring washer810
100Hexagon boltM8X166
101Prevailing torque type hexagon nut with non-metallic insertM82
102Hexagon boltM8X206
103Hydraulic lock1
104Throttle valve1
105Quick coupling Male4
106Straight joint Long1
107Straight joint1
108Hinged boltM16X1.52
109Seal washern164
110Oil pipe connection1
111Oil pipe connection1
112Oil pipe1
113Oil pipe1
114Oil pipe1
115Oil pipe2
116Vertical move cylinder1
117Horizontal move cylinder1
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