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Welding & Fabrication Services Cumbria


Manufacturing & Engineering Services Cumbria

To compliment our fantastic range of agricultural products – we now take pride in also doing out of house fabrication work.

Our compliment of equipment includes high spec machinery.

  • 320 tonne 4-meter press brake
  • 4×2 meter bed high definition plasma cutter
  • Rotary dynamic balancer

We pride ourselves on our fast efficient turnaround & competitive rates.

Call us for a free no obligation quote or to discuss any works you may require.

With over 40 years of fabrication and metal work experience we are able to provide a fully-comprehensive service.

Manufacturing & Engineering Services Cumbria

Press Brake Bending & Folding Service

Folding is part of the forming stage within metal sheet fabrication and can be a complex process. With our CNC controlled 320 tonne 4-meter length Morgan Rushworth press brake, we can fold mild steel sheets up to 4 meters in length and up to 12mm thickness.

Our press brake runs automatic under crowning and laser angle measurement system with live feedback to CNC control for the most accurate folding process.

Technical information:

  • Up to 12mm thickness at 4 meters / Up to 15mm thickness at 3 meters
  • Bending power: 320 tonne
  • 5 axis
  • Bending length (over tooling) 4100mm
  • Bending length (between frames) 3550mm

320 Tonne CNC Press Brake Service

320 tonne Press Brake Services Cumbria

Manufacturing & Engineering Services Cumbria

High Definition Plasma Cutting Service

High definition plasma cutting delivers a constant high precision quality cut on thicknesses up to 65mm. HD plasma is an extremely high quality cutting system that gives a tight tolerance with minimal bevel discrepancies.  All of our cutting services are CNC operated, meaning we have capability to work direct from Auto CAD DXF files which maximise precision and accuracy.

Technical information:

Max cutting capacity

  • Mild steel mm 65
  • Stainless steel mm 50
  • Aluminium mm 50

Bed Size

  • Length mm 4000
  • Width mm 2000
  • An extremely efficient fabrication solution when paired with our 320 tonne press brake

High Definition Plasma Cutting Service

High Definition Plasma Cutting Services Cumbria

Industrial Dynamic Balancing Service

Dynamic balancing is a way to balance out machines by rotating parts quickly and then measuring the imbalance using electronic equipment. The imbalance calculated can then be added or subtracted from the weight until the vibration of the parts is corrected to within the required tolerance.

Our balancer has the capability for rotors with weight up to 1100 kg and a length of 4675mm.  Maximum diameters up to 1000mm to include large fans.

Services include:

Drive shaft balancing

Rotary flail balancing

Fans up to 1000mm

Power take off shafts (PTO)

Industrial drive line shafts


Complete flail rotor repair service

Technical information

  • Maximum diameter 1000mm
  • Maximum length 4675mm
  • Maximum weight 1100kg

Dynamic Balancing Service

Dynamic Balancing Services Cumbria

Welding and Fabrication Service

Welding & Fabrication Services Cumbria

High Definition Metal Profiling Service

High Def Plasma Cutting Services Cumbria

Press Brake Folding Service

Morgan Rushworth 320 Press Brake

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