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About Us

As a family business whose roots are firmly grounded in a farming background, we understand the varied challenges and workloads that are a part of everyday farming life across the UK. This agricultural grounding stayed with Chris Metcalfe (founder of MDL Powerup) when he took up a career in engineering.

Powerup logoAs a metal fabricator Chris gained invaluable experience in reading engineering drawings, as well as using geometric development methods and metal forming techniques. He also developed a comprehensive knowledge of industrial welding and joining processes which he uses to ensure all items are manufactured to a very high standard.Utilising this experience Chris identifies suitable manufacturing outlets in China, where before placing any orders he visits to checks out their suitability and quality of work to ensure he is using the right people with the right abilities.

This is not just a ‘onceover’ as Chris also has test models built, supervising the welding techniques and build process before placing the main order – revisiting China every eight weeks or so to ensure he is happy with every stage of the process.

We then order the items in bulk unassembled and ship them to the UK where we build them onsite in Dalston, Cumbria.

This combination of outsourcing production and home grown expertise means that we are able to offer high quality equipment at exceptional value for money.

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