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EFGC Flail Mowers

These sturdy little mowers are one of most popular products, replacing the traditional topper mowers. An added advantage is they pick up any lying grass so leave a better finish, also mulching the grass so regrowth rate and self fertilisation is much better than conventional toppers. Using an offset position makes this mower user friendly and easy to get close up to fence lines and hedge rows. Perfect for farmers, ground keepers and small contractors. A great value mower that will last.

Please note: we do not take orders on the website for Europe, The Channel Islands, Isle of Man or Ireland. If you wish to place an order to one of these locations, please give us a call on +44 (0)1228 712121 to discuss shipping options
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Key features

  • Hammer blades as standard although ‘Y’ Type Blades can be fitted for lower HP tractors.
  • Counter bed knife so material is mulched as fine as possible for Fast Re-fertilisation.
  • Heightened Deck height for maximum throughput allows you to cut faster.
  • Off set for good visibility and ease of use.
  • Large rear roller to give a clean finish and to compress cuttings into the soil.
  • Easy assess for lubrication – Bearings mounted on the outside means they are easy to lubricate and replace if ever damaged.
  • 3 ‘V’ Belt drive – For maximum friction and Power Transfer to the flails.
  • High quality powder coating – Prevents the onset of rust and gives a great look.
  • Thick gauge steel makes this a robust long lasting machine.


2 reviews for "EFGC Flail Mowers"

  1. :

    I bought the 175 MDL flail mower. This suits my tractor size, however if you can fit a larger model then I recommend you do, purely as a time saver. The mower it’s self though is good quality and well built, the paint has so far stood up well to weather and use, which is shockingly more than I can say for other, made in Britain! implements I have.
    As for service MDL’s customer service is spot on, I believe I was mowing slightly too fast at first, which caused the belts to burn out. After speaking to MDL they gave me advice and a set of new belts free in the post the next day. Can’t argue with that. All in all I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another product from these guys.

  2. (verified owner):

    I would certainly recommend MDL Powerup…

    I was looking for a good quality and value Heavy Duty flail mower to tidy up trash and overgrown areas on a few paddocks and headlands after haymaking.

    I decided on a EFGC 175cm flail mower, so the order was placed on their website at around 3pm on a Thursday afternoon, and I received it at 3pm Friday, all greased up ready to go. A very efficient service!

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EFGC 155 EFGC 175


1.55 METRE 1.75 METRE





3 3




OFFSET 615 | 905 (mm)

715 | 1005 (mm)


30 40


A 920 (mm) 920 (mm)


1670 (mm)

1870 (mm)

C 950 (mm)

950 (mm)

KG 342


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