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ATV Flail Mower (Parts)

We provide a large range of spares to fit our variety of products. Most general parts can be purchased online, for any additional parts please call the office with the part number. Parts will be sent out within 1-2 working days, unless on backorder. All spares are sent tracked through TNT.


All our spares will be sent in recycled cardboard boxes, as we are trying to do our bit for the environment!




Please note: we do not take orders on the website for Europe, The Channel Islands, Isle of Man or Ireland. If you wish to place an order to one of these locations, please give us a call on +44 (0)1228 712121 to discuss shipping options
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The ATV flail mower was designed with land owners, farmers and contractors in mind.
Perfect when power take off machines aren’t suitable or available.
Ideally suited to a multitude of typical grassland jobs such as tackling thistles, nettles, reeds, grass and such like.
Paying particular attention to ease of maintenance to ensure longevity, easily accessible grease bearing locations and a fantastically simple belt tensioning system ensures maintenance is as straightforward as possible.

A quality machine offering outstanding value for money.

Part No.N&MTypeQuantity
1Momer Housing Shell1
2Draw Bar Rotating Plate1
3Draw Bar1
4Tire Stent Gusset Plate4
5Tire Stent2
6Wheel Axle2
7Axle Bush A2
8Axle Bush B2
9Lead Screw Crank2
10Upper Adjust Screw2
11Under Adjust Screw2
12Adjust Lead Screw2
13Screw Gasket2
14Blade Shaft1
15Mower Blade64
16Blade Bush64
17Nonmetal Inserts Hexagon Lock NutM1254
18Hexagon BoltM12X8032
20Slice Shaft1
21Belt Cover1
22Belt Cover Suit1
23Lock Plate2
24Engine Adjust Bolt4
25Engine Base Plate1
26Draw Bar Assembly Pipe1
27Driven Pulley1
28Left Roller Support Plate1
29Right Roller Support Plate1
30Crank Set2
31Draw Bar Rod Shaft1
32Bearing Cover1
33Clutch Compression Bolt1
34Left Bottom Slide1
35Right Bottom Slide1
36Wider Wheel2
37Power Lock1
38Pipe Plug4
39Five-star Handle2
40Adjustment Lever1
41Nylon Lining2
42Thrust Ball Bearing511044
43Convex Circular Bearing (Rotor)UCFC 2072
44Bearing Base (Roller)2
45Protect Slice E1
46Protect Slice D1
47Protect Slice C1
48Protect Slice B1
49Protect Slice A16
50Jocky Wheel1
53Trailer Coupler1
54Nonmetal Inserts Hexagon Lock NutM86
55Fine Thread Hexagonal NutM18X1.54
56Fine Thread Hexagonal Lock NutM18X1.54
57Nonmetal Inserts Hexagon Lock NutM108
58Hexagon BoltM8X252
59Flat Washer C816
60Flat Washer C164
61Nonmetal Inserts Hexagon Lock NutM162
62Hexagon BoltM16×1102
63Flat Washer C204
64Nonmetal Inserts Hexagon Lock NutM202
65Hexagon BoltM20×802
66Flat Washer C1018
67Hexagon BoltM10X304
68Hexagon Flange BoltM12X752
69Flat Washer C186
70Cotter Pin4X402
71Flat Washer C1240
72Hexagon BoltM12X358
73Hexagon BoltM12X558
74Countersunk Head ScrewM8X208
75Hexagon BoltM12X952
76Hexagon BoltM12X352
77Hexagon BoltM8X206
78Standard Spring Washer86
79Hexagon BoltM8X164
80Spring Washer108
81Hexagon BoltM10X458
82Big Washer13.5X44X24
83Hexagon BoltM12X204
84Standard Spring Washer125
85Hexagon NutM82
86Cotter Pin3×302
87Clutch Pressure Plate1
88Hexagon Socket Cap ScrewM8X352
89Hexagon Socket Cap ScrewM6X258
90Standard Spring Washer68
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