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New 2020 Executioner Front & Rear Mountable Heavy Duty Flail Mulcher

A Powerful flail mulcher capable of pulverising 40mm thick material, such as wood, gorse, seeves and any other overgrown vegetation. This truly is a heavy duty machine. Made out of thick grade steel, utilising hydraulic offset complete with heavy forged hammers make this machine suitable for the toughest of tasks while being built to last. Available in 2.6m cut, 2.8m cut and 3.0m cuts. These machines can be used to cut fields or clear woodland floor!

Please note: we do not take orders on the website for Europe, The Channel Islands, Isle of Man or Ireland. If you wish to place an order to one of these locations, please give us a call on +44 (0)1228 712121 to discuss shipping options
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Key Features

  • Front and Rear Mountable for ultimate versatility
  • Hydraulic offset as standard
  • Large diameter rotor enables maximum momentum for maximum mulching capacity
  • Spiral flail arrangement for maximum coverage
  • Heavy Duty ‘whale tail’ Flails withstands high impact force and maximises the mulching potential of the machine
  • Adjustable Rear Roller allows you to set your cutting height
  • 5 belt drive system combines maximum friction for power transer and a cool running drive system for long belt life
  • Counter weights on balancing discs not welded onto rotor reduces the risk of unbalancing during operation on tough terrain
  • Thick gauge steel ensures robustness and long life


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Cutting width (mm)

2500mm 2800mm



28 32 34


5 5 5


1000 RPM 1000 RPM

1000 RPM


1500 | 1000

1500 | 1300 1500 | 1500
1060 | 1440 1060 | 1740

1060 | 1940

Min HP

90 100 110

Max HP

100 110 120
Width 1220 (mm) 1220 (mm)

1220 (mm)


2660 (mm) 2960 (mm) 3160 (mm)
Width 1120 (mm) 1120 (mm)

1120 (mm)

KG 1054 KG 1132 KG

1180 KG

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