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BHM225 Backhoe / Backactor

The BHM225 is a great addition to the BHM range of backactors. Designed to replace the need for an expensive 1.5ton digger this backactor has a great digging depth of 2.25M/7ft5. Like it’s smaller siblings it has its own hydraulic system but creates an impressive 160 bar of pressure enabling 1.7tons of ripping force. The machine comes with a two free buckets,  a strongly built machine that is ideal for digging ditches, founds, ponds etc.  Fitted with double hydraulic valves to enables two movements at the same time, no need to plug into your tractor hydraulics as all MDL Backhoes have their own hydraulic tank and pump. All our backhoes come fully assembled, greased and filled with hydraulic oil, ready to work. Backhoes are an affordable and high quality alternative to a mini excavator, designed for  heavy duty performance and uses a very powerful hydraulic system creating a great digging force.


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Key Features:

  • Can stay mounted to your tractor when you drive on public roads.
  • Does not cover any lights.
  • Hydraulic stabilisers give the backhoe very compact transportation size.
  • Designed for large tractors from 60HP upwards with CAT I linkage.
  • Fitted with double hydraulic valves to enables two movements at the same time.
  • Fitted with there own hydraulic tank and pump.
  • Backhoes are an affordable and high quality alternative to a mini excavator.
  • Easy to operate and are controlled by only two levers.
  • Usage: Soil Working Machinery
  • Transmission: Hydraulic
  • Transmission Size: Large-Sized
  • Bucket Width: 200, 300, 400, 500 or 700 mm (please check stock before ordering)
  • Point Linkage: Cat-2
  • Type: Crawler Excavator
  • Drive Type: Tractor PTO
  • Certification: CE approved
  • Tractor Power: 60HP+
  • Equipped with sturdy booms in order to give the operator greater visibility, swing arc to facilitate movement, optimised dimensions during transport, high standard of performance during digging.
  • Designed to provide years of outstanding performance in difficult working conditions.
  • Designed for maximum strength and durability.
  • Built with high-quality steel with considerable digging forces.
  • Clear visibility in the digging area.
  • Comes with a Free Pto Shaft, and will be delivered full of oil.

1 review for "BHM225 Backhoe / Backactor"

  1. :

    I have an old Lewis Landlord 200 backhoe and replaced with your MDL one. The MDL unit is heavier and more powerful but the stress it imposes on the tractor is significantly less. I guess it’s because it’s extra power allows for a much smoother operation, instead of scratching and struggling it just gets on with the job. So far I have dug a 1.5 meter cube hole in clay (with flint) and effortlessly ripped up a tree stump. I tried the tree stump previously with the lewis but did not come close. – Tony

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Min HP req 50
Category 1/2 linkage
Total length 3300 mm
Digging depth 2250 mm
Support width 1700 mm
Height: max 3450 mm
Loading height: max 2300 mm
Swivel radius 180 degrees
Opening angle of bucket: 203 degrees
Bucket ripping force 1700 KG
PTO Speed req 540rpm
Hydraulic pressure 160 bar
Flow rate 40 L/min
Weight including oils 810 KG
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