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ATV Water Roller

This simple little machine is designed to make your life easier, with its sturdy design, easy assess points and its ability to fill wherever makes this small machine easy to transport and maintain. The ATV roller is designed for owners of paddocks or any grassland area. The rollers designed to repair damaged ground, this may be caused by hooves. It also pushes rocks or any stones under the surface for a even finish and safer topping. The mower also helps firm the soil around the roots of the grass, improving its contact for better growth. Perfect for quad bikes, small tractors or cars.


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Key features

  • Standard towbar to fit any suitable vehicle
  • Heavy built framework
  • Easy access grease points to make life easy
  • An impressive 1.5 metre roll to cover more land at once
  • Repairs damaged ground
  • Pushes rocks/stones underground for a even finish and safer topping



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Weight 540KG
Length 50cm
Height 50cm
Width 150cm
Weight 250KG (empty)
Length 136cm
Height 50cm
Width 165cm
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